Besides, KBPHKAL will provide full range of design service, mostly KBPHKAL also work with Fung Shui Master. Base on their expert metaphysics analysis to create a perfect working space with different color, material and department distribution to let their business growth more brilliant. We also coordinate with IT vendor to provide professional information technology and security system services, and also coordinate with telecommunication and computer companies concerning system integration and installation.

此外,勵栢室內設計及工程香港事務所有限公司 會提供全套的設計服務。我們亦會與一些風水師合作,根據他們的專業玄學的空間分析,選用不同的物料、顏色及方位怖局來配合客戶不同的行業性質,製造一個完美的工作空間以協助客戶更容易地將他們的業務發展更上一層樓。再者我們亦會和資訊科技人員合作,提供互聯網和保安系統服務,配合電訊公司協調有關係電腦系統集成和安裝的各項問題。

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