KB Partners Hong Kong Associates Ltd has been established for 10 years. Since then, corporate interior design has been the mainstay of our company development. Apart from that, retail Services, residential and public facilities are the second channel of our business.


We are committed to bring creativity, cost effectiveness and high quality to every project undertaken. Today, KB has established itself as one of the leading corporate interior design and contracting companies in Hong Kong.

We believe that good design is investment that can help organizations meet their objectives. A facade of a company reflects the image of the enterprise. Internally the communication flow can be improved and externally it conveys a goodimage to the public if the company is well designed. Therefore we are trying our best to be your dynamic interior designer, strategic space-planning consultant and contractor.

Actually we are not only a service provider to our clients, but also the business partners for them. The working partnerships enhance our ability to understand and anticipate clients’ needs and to formulate solutions responding to those needs.

KB provides creative concept, professional planning, and reliable construction to clients. Our expert designers, experienced project managers and skillful technicians aim to offer our clients a valued quality product and professional project management services which included cost control, time management and site supervision. Customer feedback is welcomed as the basis for continuous improvement and development, so we can serve our
clients better and better.


我們深信,良好之設計是達到公司目標之一項重要的投資;對外而言,辦公室的設計反映了公司之形象,顯示公司獨特一面,吸引更多客戶投資;反之對內, 管理層及員工擁有舒適的工作環境,溝通暢順,自然能提高公司的工作效率,事半功倍。這多年來,我們不斷地予客人保持緊密的溝通,所以我們業務得以發展;我 們認爲品質及優質服務是經營者的首要責任,也是整個行業文化的重心,全體員工皆堅持絕不妥協之高品質政策,並在日常工作中貫徹力行。所以作爲您的專業室內 設計師,策略性空間規劃顧問及裝飾承造商,我們必定竭盡所能,悉力以赴,做到盡善盡美;務求令每一位顧客滿意我們的完善服務及産品。



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