Professional one-stop office interior design and construction cooperation

KBPAL will analysis our client’s IT infrastructure needs, especially for our clients with heavy technology demands.

As a critical aspect, KBPAL will design the mechanical and electrical systems compatible with base building provisions to meet our Client’s operation requirements, health and safety standards for the workplace environment.


As a professional one-stop office interior design and construction cooperation, we can integrate our understanding of your workplace requirements for lighting, power, air-conditioning and fire services with our professional knowledge of local building standard requirement to ensure optimal distribution and performance throughout your office.

Through our specialized interior design and project management services, our clients reap the benefit of smooth construction performance of IT infrastructure or relocated IT infrastructure.

Besides, our specialized project designer can integrate new special deign like audio and video system and lighting effect compatible with the mechanical and electrical systems. Not only let our client had a beautiful working space, but comes a professional business image with high technology performance.