KBPHKAL manages both the Pre-Construction and the Construction stage of your project to ensure cost efficiency, quality control and timely delivery.Our project mangers are experiences professionals committed to coordinating all aspects of your project – interior design, planning, IT systems migration, engineering – and steering them to a successful outcome.

勵栢室內設計及工程香港事務所有限公司 會為客戶提供完善的工程管理服務。由準備階段至工程進行期間, 也不斷檢討工程進度,以確保成本效益、質素管理及施工時間也符合客戶要求。

我們的工程主管具豐富的專業知識及經驗, 能有效協調工程期間的事務, 例如室內設計、佈局、電腦儀器搬遷、機電工程等, 務求制作出最佳的成果。

Responsibilities of the project manager are:

● Full responsibility for creation and production of project performance

● Monitor and master all construction activities to achieve the design constructionProjectMngt

● Host meetings with all related parties on weekly basis

● Ensure every construction task on time

● Ensure the captioned project within budget


● 全面負責工程的制作及生產質素

● 控制及管理所有工程工序以符合設計圖則

● 定期與所有參與工程之人員進行會議

● 確保所有工程也能按時進行

● 控制工程成本以免超出預算

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